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Chopard Watches

Chopard Watches

Located in Geneva, Chopard is a trusted name in the watchmaking industry. As a family-run watchmaking company, it gives great importance to ethical practices and integrity. Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer from Sonvilier is the founder of this company. With a strong commitment to excellence, Chopard mens watches follow the Swiss traditions of watchmaking loyally. Precision, reliability, and meticulous workmanship are the main qualities that help Chopard earn a coveted position among the most popular Swiss watchmakers.

With a rich heritage of more than 150 years, Chopard offers a wide range of top-quality luxury watches that embrace creativity perfectly. The unique family spirit is the main thing that differentiates Chopard watches from competitors. Skilled artisans apply their creative audacity beautifully to design and develop watches of timeless appeal and beauty. The company also makes use of the most advanced technology to create high-performing and durable timepieces.

Chopard watches for men are highly renowned for their perfect blend of inspiring aesthetic appeal and unparalleled performance. With an endless passion for enduring designs and precision, this top luxury brand offers three prominent collections for men; Alpine Eagle, L.U.C and Mille Miglia. Inspired by the Alps and the regal strength of the majestic eagle, the Alpine Eagle collection offers watches with a refined and assertive style. Traditional and contemporary elements are perfectly blended to make watches of timeless appeal.

L.U.C is another popular collection from the family of Chopard. By embracing the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking, this product line meets the aspirations of the contemporary gentlemen perfectly. Last but not the least; Mille Miglia connects automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking harmoniously to deliver iconic watches of style and substance. Mille Miglia watches are released in limited numbers. Overall, Chopard mens watches epitomise the ultimate standard of Swiss watchmaking and satisfy the dignified spirit of the modern gentleman.


Chopard Watches

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