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Oris Aquis Mens Watches

Founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin, Oris has been offering mechanical watches of outstanding quality and class. Without emulating other companies, this watchmaker has managed to define its own path in the luxury watchmaking industry. The motto, ‘Things must make sense,’ clearly highlights the practical approach of the company. The mechanical timepieces of Oris are highly renowned for their beauty and functional benefits. Oris Aquis mens watches are one of the most popular collections of this renowned watchmaking company. It contains a wide range of divers’ watches that are innovative, functional and appealing.

Oris Aquis watches make use of high-performance materials that have been designed carefully to create masterpieces. Offering excellent performance underwater and on land, this collection has become one of the most sought-after divers’ watches available on the market today. The waterproof capabilities of these watches come around 300 metres. As a highly reliable Switzerland company, Oris has been following the eminent Swiss watchmaking tradition with a clear focus on modern technological advancements.

With a perfect blend of distinct design, superior functionality and enhanced durability, Oris Aquis watches for men offer the best value for money. The Aquis collection comprises timepieces that provide everything that divers look for. These authentic and genuine products never fall short in terms of performance and look. Oris Aquis mens watches are also extensively used by many other people who love various types of adventure activities. That is exactly why these watches are known as true all-rounders with unrivalled quality and flexibility.

Oris Aquis mens watches are available in a myriad of sizes and colours. Many existing users are highly appreciative of their harmonious balance between refined appearance and maritime robustness. The latest models of this collection come with modern indexes, more sophisticated, integrated crown protection and extra flat lugs. These features make the latest models look more well-proportioned and balanced. The longevity of these products deserves special appreciation.